Internet facilities:

Internet facility has been made available for the students in the College computer laboratory and in library. Most of the time, students can avail the facility of Wi-Fi internet connection within the College campus. Faculty has been provided with the same facility in the faculty common room too.

The faculty common room has also been fitted with LED TV sets for keeping the faculties abreast with the latest information.

Game and sports:

An outdoor basketball court is available in the Campus. It is a multi- purpose court asother events like Volley Ball, NCC Parade, and other functions are held. Other events like football,cricket etc, are conducted in the local grounds maintained by the Youth Clubs after obtaining permission from them. Since time of inception, the College faced no problem in organizing such events as the Youth Clubs are very supportive and a cordial relationship exists with them. The Mawlangwir Sports Club is always supportive as they always give permission to us in holding indoor game like Badminton, etc, in their Indoor Hall. The Institution also provides Table Tennis at the Teachers Common room where students can also join and play after class.


Computer laboratory with 10 computers, with LAN and internet facility is made available to all the students of the Institute for academic and other purposes.

Safe drinking water for students:

Safe drinking water is available in the college campus all the time. Aqua-Guards are installed wherever necessary.

Prayer Cell:

The College has allotted a room to Evangelical Union of the College and Evangelical Graduate Fellowship (EGF) to conduct prayer meeting every Friday after class hour


The College has one hostel for girl students only which is located at a distance of about 100 meters away from the College.

It can be accommodated 50+students. There is one common room used for the recreational purposes where indoor games such as Carom board and Chess are provided. Basic amenities like bathrooms and toilets are constructed on each floor of the hostel.

Only regular registered students of Sngap Syiem College are allowed to stay in the hostel for the entire duration of the course pursued by the student. However,on promotion to the next higher class, a student shall be allowed for the next academic year on the basis of new application.

The hostel has a managing committee comprising of the faculty members of the College headed by the Principal. The Hostel has a Warden to maintain discipline among the hostellers. The hostel holds the pride of having a friendly atmosphere and ragging free environment.

All hostellers are required to abide by the rules and regulation of the hostel. Hostellers can be expelled for breach of conduct.

Hostel fee:

Students who are willing to stay in hostel, they have to pay an annual fee of 6000/- per annum.


The College has canteen within the College campus itself with sufficientspacing.


This is an outdoor tea and coffee house catering to the requirements on the staff and students. It provides light refreshment during the free time.


The College Library is well equipped with books,internet,Xerox machines, newspapers, magazines, Journals and reading space for both students and staff.As of now the strength of the library is more than 4600 books. The library purchases books, journals and other reading materials on the recommendations made by various departments of the college. It also subscribes journals, magazines and newspapers. Users have open access to books and past years question papers are kept in the library for the benefit of the students as well as teachers. Free internet and reprographic facility are being provided to the students with a nominal charge

The main objective of the Library is to develop its collection in order to meet the information needs of its users and to support learning and teaching. So, it continues to upgrade its collection through addition of latest edition.

It also renders services to the communityasper the following guidelines:

One can become a member of the library only after the consent of the principal.

Membership fee Rs. 300/- and should be renewed annually.

Books will not be issued but for reference only

Library Hours

Working days: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Sat 8:00am to 2:00 p.m.)

Vacation: 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.