Disaster Management Cell

This cell manages all kinds of disaster events, like conducting awareness programmes/mock- drill, prepares the college disaster management plan, provides helps when disasters strike, etc.


 Creation of authentic and accurate database, respond plans, documented and rehearsed to be activated in the shortest possible time through fail-proof communication ensuring active participation by students and staff of the college Community and volunteers at all levels, making optimal utilization of persons, materials and resources with no gaps overlaps to prevent loss of life and minimize loss to property while ensuring restoration at the earliest.


“Sustainable reduction in Disaster Risks & Efficient Recovery in college community, through active participation of students, staffs, parents and nearby localities”.


To provide awareness to individuals and groups in pre-disaster periods

To provide helps in any possible ways during and post disaster periods.

To provide an organised,systematic and flexible approach in dealing with calamities.

Mrs. M.K.Raswai, Chairperson

Shri. S. Wanniang Likhain, Secretary