Cooperative Society

Upon the approval of the Governing Body of the College, in order to establish an organization that unites and safeguarding the security, promote individual and collective right and foster harmonious, agreeable and progressive relation among the staff of the College, a co-operative society is formed with the following


  •  Improve the general welfare of the faculty of the College.

  • To promote the interest and objectives of the College.

  • To promote cooperation among the faculty, staff, students, administration, other campus entities, and the community.

  • To promote and uplift of the quality of life of its members through mutual and cooperative assistance;

  • To collect, invest and reinvest all fund and income coming to it and hold the same for the benefit of the Cooperative;

  • To work with the non-government and government organizations/entities in the promotion and development of the society.

  • To undertake other activities for the effective and efficient implementation of the provisions of the Cooperative code.

       **Shri. R. Phukan, Chairman

        **Shri. P. Warjri, Secretary