Academic Committee

                Academic Committee deals with matters relating in planning, organizing; teaching learning, evaluation, admission procedure, internal and external exams, academic calendar, felicitation, awards and others award of acknowledgement for meritorious students etc.


              The Academic Committee is to provide oversight of all matters relating to the Highersecondary and undergraduate educational programmes and all research programmes.  Committee members seek the commitment of faculty and administrators in ensuring that academic priorities are unambiguously stated, appropriately funded, and consistent with the overall educational mission of the Institute.


*  To make proposals for college-based research and other academic activities;

* To arrange a programme of academic activities for the college

* To discuss and make suggestions to the Principal on any academic matters in which the College may have an interest (excepting those concerning individual appointments)

* To make recommendations on major questions of admissions policy, including the numbers to be admitted annually and other issues affecting the general composition and balance of the student body, and reporting annually on the advice of the Tutor for Admissions.

          **Shri. T. Lyngdoh(HoD, Pol.Sc), Chairman

          **Mrs. M.Kharlyngdoh, Secvretary